Roofer Marketing Tips

As it is with many contracting companies, the enjoyable part is often the grunt work, while the mundane part is the paperwork and other behind-the-scenes stuff like Marketing. Contractor Digital Marketing, especially in today’s age of the internet and social media, is a requirement now of running a successful roofing contracting business, whether you like it or not.

Marketing can be very expensive, as you may already know. Whether you are new roofing contractor, or a roofing veteran, the last thing you want to do is to go into debt trying to get some more roofing leads. You also don’t want to waste your time and money using outdated marketing strategies that. The good news is that there are a lot of low cost, or possibly free roofing marketing strategies and tricks to assist in getting your business phone ringing and bring in more exclusive roofing leads.

A lot of the following tactics can be implemented without recruiting a marketing agency. You can successfully market without spending a ton of money. Before you seek out a loan to buy a billboard or radio ad, you should check out these quick marketing ideas that can assist you get more roofing leads and jobs:

A Quality Website

A nice looking website does not have to cost thousands of dollars. With some basic tech skills, you can even create your own site for just the cost of hosting fees. A nice website does not need to be complex or hard to build. Just Keep it very simple. Have a home page, about page, services offered page, and a contact us web page is really all you need to get online leads. SEO Ranking in the top search position in Google is whole another story. This can often be very difficult depending on the competition from other roofers in your local area, and also battling against the large Marketing budgets of major home improvement lead companies that are also competing for the top search positions. The goal is to have your website set up properly and use specific keywords closely associated with your roof contracting business in order to rank high in your local search engine results.

A Catchy Tagline or Logo

Having a creative tagline or logo associated with your roofing business name can help personalize your brand and is a great marketing tool to engage exclusive roofing leads. Sometimes the tagline or logo becomes more recognizable than your contracting business name.

Door Flyers

Well designed flyers targeted at the right neighborhoods can be very effective in marketing your roofing services. Targeting the right neighborhoods is the key. Do not waste time doing flyers in neighborhoods full of rentals. Create flyers for your specific roofing services and place them at homes that need those specific services.

Reference Incentives

Offer your current customers a referral fee for any referrals they send you, that is if the referrals turn into paying jobs. Twenty bucks is a small price to pay for a guaranteed job. Free gutter cleanings may also be used as an incentive.

Free Online Listings

You will find that many local and nationally-based websites allows you to include a free post for your business listing. Make sure that you take full advantage of Google My Business listing, which is very much like a mini-website, and it allows you to be included in local search results. You should also set up free listings on Yellow Pages, Houzz, Angie’s List and other similar websites. Check with local community websites to see if they offer free business listings. You may consider placing an ad listing on Craigslist, although your results may vary depending on your location, and it does cost $5 per listing now.

Positive Online Reviews

People are drawn to positive reviews. Ask loyal customers to leave a positive review for you. You can either direct them to a website where your business is listed, or request a review you can post on your website.

Facebook Ads

While you may need some help creating an ad, Facebook is a good option to advertise your roofing services. You can choose how much you want to spend, and specify who you want the ad to be seen by (age, location, etc.).

Yard Signs

You see them everywhere. They work. Make sure the sign is simple and clear, and displays only the most important information. Name, short business description (unless your business name is enough), phone number, and website should be enough.

Vehicle Advertising

When you doing a roof job, neighbors often wonder who the contractor is. You will leave no doubt if you have clear contact information on your vehicle. You could use something as simple as magnetic signs on your truck, or decide to pay for lettering or even a full, graphic-heavy wrap.

Charity Giveaway

Charity auctions are a great way to get positive exposure while helping a good cause. Offering a free service such as gutter cleaning, or a gift certificate are both good options.

Prize Drawing

This is a great option for your local county fair or community day. Have people sign up with their emails. You could offer a particular service or a gift certificate to the winner. You could also choose to offer all contestants a consolation prize such as 10% off any roofing service.

Community Sponsoring

Help sponsor a local sports team, or advertise at a community event such as a charity walk. Sponsoring costs can add up quickly, so weigh your options before verbally committing. Having your business name fully or partially featured on a shirt or banner can help bring exposure to your business, while also benefiting your community.

Social Media

If you are already involved in social media such as Facebook, and don’t have a business page, what are you waiting for? Use your connections with friends and family to promote your roofing services.

Connect with other contractors

When you need help with something out of your skill set, reach out to other contractors for assistance. Have a list of contractors you can refer to homeowners such as electricians, plumbers, masons, handymen, etc. Make sure you tell the contractor when you refer them. These fellow contractors will be happy to get a recommendation, and will hopefully do the same for you.

Build an email list

If your customers are willing, use their email address to send reminders such as yearly roof inspection or other services. If you enjoy writing, you may consider creating an email newsletter. You could include tips on roof, gutter and home maintenance that may lead to new jobs.


If you are mainly a shingle contractor, and business is slow, you may need to consider offering other services such as flat roof repair, gutter work, or another service you may feel comfortable doing.

The previous suggestions showed some lower budget options. If you have more money to spend, a nice video can be used in a number of ways- website, social media, and even local television.